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Oak Fermented, Barrel Aged, Thoughtfully Blended

Temporal Artisan Ales is a brewing & blending project searching for its forever home in Vancouver, BC. Established in 2017, Temporal operated out of Luppolo Brewing Company until early 2021 and is currently expanding operations to two other local breweries. Our 100% oak fermented and barrel aged beers are now only available in select liquor stores and for local delivery in Vancouver and the surrounding suburbs via Beervan.

All of our bottle releases are meticulously blended from different barrels, resulting in a final composition with many facets and deep complexity. Our fruited blends feature locally grown whole fruit, processed with old-world winemaking techniques, and are never pasteurized.

What Makes Our Beer Different


The backbone of all of our recipes is the beautiful grain from Meccagrade Estate Malt. These extremely flavourful, rustic malts are rounded out with adjuncts like spelt, tricicale, buckwheat, and other old-world grains. The composition of our wort is designed for long-term fermentation, resulting in microbial activity and beer that transforms year after year.
No beer is better than the sum of its parts.

Barrel Aging

Every beer we make is fermented completely in oak barrels with a wide range of previous occupants. The beers are aged until the desired character has been obtained, a process that can take years. While the beer ages it pulls flavors out of the wood from the barrel's previous occupants. Fermenting long term in oak allows for slow micro-oxygenation, a key component in the aging process.


Blending is a key process for all Temporal beers. Barrels are tasted throughout the course of aging and earmarked for complementary flavours. Blends are built around these flavours, using beer from other vessels, whole fruit, or botanicals to contrast and complement each barrel's unique fermentation character. Our process is unique and the final product reflects this signature flair.

Cellar Society

The Cellar Society is our yearly membership which grants access to six special beers, packaged in 750ml bottles instead of our regular 375ml. These bottles are intended to be our most wild releases, we utilize a variety of strange ingredients and techniques to create these truly special beers.

Membership has two levels - Half or Full. The full membership grants two bottles of each member-exclusive release (12 total) and two special Society stemmed glasses, while the half grants one of each (6 bottles) and one glass. Members will have the option to pick up bottles as they are released or they may pick them up at the end of the year.

The Cellar Society is currently on hiatus as we search for our new home. It will return in the future, please join our mailing list to stay in the loop!

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